Ole Hally Tosis

14 Dec

Um, what do you do when there’s a coworker whose breath always, always reeks like sauteed rat heiny mixed with garlic cloves, 1988 onions and withered broccoli spears?

Especially– especially when they’re loquacious?

I mean, they’re forever the person who’s extremely opinionated, who over explains every detail about every report, file, e-mail and weekend adventure right down to the most minute of exhalations.

I think it’s coworker abuse to open one’s mouth and gnats fly out.

Do you think it could be a medical condition?

Should I anonymously place a tongue scraper on their desk?

Breath mints?

A year’s supply of minty gum?

Should I push the water cooler closer to his very desk?

Strategcially place a note of recommendation to a dentist who specializes in mouth funktitude?

I feel sorry for his chin area.


Holding Nose in CubicleVille


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