Places Where Unemployment Doesn’t Exist

11 Dec


Can you imagine that with millions of  job seeking Americans now unemployed that there are places in the nation where virtually the entire town/city has a job? Yes, it’s true. I read it today in Yahoo!News.

These are the cities where near EVERYONE has a job:

1.  Bismarck, North Dakota
Oct. 2012 unemployment rate: 2.2%
Total population: 110,879
Median household income: $58,781

Bismarck, N.D. had the lowest unemployment rate of all metro areas in the U.S. with just 2.2% of the workforce unemployed in October.

2. Fargo, North Dakota
Oct. 2012 unemployment rate: 2.8%
Total population: 211,729
Median household income: $52,393

3. Grand Forks, N.D.-Minnesota

Oct. 2012 unemployment rate: 3.1%
Total population: 98,512
Median household income: $46,718

Have you heard about the huge oil boom there? People’s backyards and acreage is making several multimillionaires out there.

4. Lincoln, Nebraska

Oct. 2012 unemployment rate: 3.2%
Total population: 307,165
Median household income:$49,315

5. Midland, Texas
Oct. 2012 unemployment rate: 3.3% (tied for 6th)
Total population:140,308
Median household income: $54,330

According to the Bureau of Labor & Statistics the mining, logging and construction industry were the top employers in the metropolitan area as of October.

6. Ames, Iowa
Oct. 2012 unemployment rate: 3.4% (tied for 6th)
Total population: 89,663
Median household income: $45,866

Like Iowa City, Ames is a college town with Iowa State bringing in educated professionals from around the world. I don’t know what it is but some tiny part of me has wanted to live in Iowa for years.  I think I have a thing for open land. 

7. Iowa City, Iowa

Oct. 2012 unemployment rate: 3.4% (tied for 6th

Total population:154,893

Median household income:$52,602

Iowa City is home to the University of Iowa, which employs approximately 13,000 people, including 1,700 faculty positions.

8. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Oct. 2012 unemployment rate: 3.7%
Total population: 232,347
Median household income: $55,609

The largest employers in the area is Sanford Health and Avera Health, employing 7,703 and 5,921 people.  Also Wells Fargo and Citigroup are major employers in the region also.

9. Burlington, South Burlington, Vt.
Oct. 2012 unemployment rate: 3.8% (tied for 9th)
Total population: 213,624
Median household income: $60,771

Burlington is home to the University of Vermont, which has 10,459 undergraduate students, 1,540 graduate students and 1,471 full- and part-time faculty.

10. Logan, Utah-Idaho
Oct. 2012 unemployment rate: 3.8% (tied for 9th)
Total population:124,813
Median household income: $46,356

Who knew that Idaho or North/South Dakota were places to consider moving to?!

I know what you’re thinking…But all of these places are in West Numchuck Nowhere!  I know.  I was thinking the exact same thing which is why I’m still here in Washington, D.C. groveling for a decent paying job among all the other job beggars.

Hmm. If I had some spending money I’d take a trip to Iowa and see what all the fuss hiring is about.



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