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The Cubicle Dreamers

2 Apr

They say we only use less than 10% of the human brain. Less than 10%!

Are you wrapping your brain around that?




Which got me to thinking/wondering/musing…

If we’ve only used such a tiny bit of our brain capacity, what if–what if–we imagined, all of us cubicle dwellers, that while we’re perched in our taupe colored walls typing documents we could truly care less about that we had this:

Well, actually this is a fake window poster that one can purchase online. But it’s a window, Dude. A window!

I used to work at a trade association in a partial cubicle. No, really. It wasn’t even a full cubicle with 3.5 walls; it was a corner at the end of the hallway of the department I worked in and they added a cubicle wall to enclose the corner.

It used to be a storage slash catch-all area for random crap.

That felt special.

At the time I had dreams of going to Santorini, Greece and I found a picture of the Santorini islands and put the picture on the wall in my humble corner and stared at it for months. And then one month while still at that job I actually made it to Greece.

Only it wasn’t Santorini.

It was Athens.

But still.