A Best Boss Ever

5 Dec

I think I want this guy to be my boss.


Bart Lorang, self-described tech nerd, is the CEO of software company Full Contact in Denver, Colorado.

According to ABCNews, Lorang offers his employees “paid paid” time off, like $7,500 to go on vacation.  Not only that, while they’re on this paid, paid vacation they are to nix all work-related activities:   “no calls, no emails, no tweets.”

And get this:  Mr. CEO sports flip-flops regularly.

Even the company’s web site is uber cool.


When will the rest of the employers learn?

Of course I don’t expect all or the average employer to cough up perks of this magnitude, but dang, some regular free muffins or more casual days would be nice.  Even better choices in the vending machine. It seems no one desires swirly pretzel bits anymore.


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