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See, the Thing About October

1 Oct


Coworkers with sniffles, with stuff in their noses, with their germy, bacterial fingers and hands all over the place.

That’s the Thing about October.

Why, you could do all you can to avoid the cold germ of others but inevitably you will touch something (the vending machine buttons, miscellaneous door handles, the coffee pot, Marge’s free peppermint candies, the copy machine handle, the fax machine buttons, random documents and folders, the elevator buttons…) and you’ve been infected.

Now you’ll have to endure two whole weeks of sniffling, coughing, aching, fever, phlegm melees in your throat and chest, your ears popping, your tastebuds compromised–all because someone’s unwashed hands or uncovered coughing mouth entered your personal space.

Cooties suck.

Especially at The Establishment.

The good news:  Hand sanitizer’s on sale at your local drug store this week.

I feel you. I really do.