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In the Land of Peculiar Internet Searches

2 May

Folks, yet another rolling laughter filled feature of random internet searches that brought people to this blog. Once again, actual terms that landed them here at The Cubicle Rebel:

annoying coworker on the phone

bad breath measurement

kool aid man bubble wrap

coworker constant sighing

bad breath at workplace cartoon

annoying coworker pictures

coworkers always clueless needs help constant retraining

how to tell a coworker gum popping is anoying

crying at work because of boss

coworker always farts on elevator

my boss didn’t get me anything for administrative professionals day

But this one below TAKES THE CAKE:

i was the one who farted in the lift

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! TOO FUNNY!! Must’ve felt some serious guilt there.

Seems there’s a lot of annoying coworkers out there in CubicleVille. Totally clueless gum popping, heavy sighing, loud talking, difficult-to-train, farting coworkers who severely annoy fellow coworkers.