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Chipotle Strikes Again

4 Sep

Heading out for lunch today? Perhaps at Chipotle?

As a weird meat life person I’ve had issues with Chipotle for a while now.

In this area of Washington, D.C.  (and I’m assuming in other cities as well) the lines for Chipotle are always wrapped around the corners, up the street and into folks’ backyards. What is it about those beans and rice and wraps and meat?

It’s like crack to some people.

My first issue with them was their non-disclosure of using pork in their pinto beans. The horror. 

Now my issue is this. Apparently they’ve been tacking extra pennies onto (millions?) of customer’s bills. The nitty gritty from a Huffington Post article:

A few confused New Jersey customers were caught off-guard recently when they noticed their checks were rounded up to the nearest even amount.

The Star-Ledger’s Karen Price Mueller investigated and found that in Chipotle’s busiest markets — such as New York City and New Jersey — its registers round down or up depending where the coin falls nearest to a nickel.

A spokesperson for Chipotle told the Star-Ledger that the company employs the practice to curb long lines and create greater efficiency in these high-volume locations.

“The idea is simply to limit the possible combinations of change on cash transactions to keep the lines moving quickly in high volume areas,” spokesman Chris Arnold tells the newspaper.  “It was never our intention to have a policy that was confusing or misleading,” he told NJ.com.

Chipotle claims they haven’t seen any kind of profit from the practice.

You may say what’s the big deal? A few extra pennies to my bill? Whoopty-doo.

Well, first of all, I’ll keep my “few extra pennies,” thank you. They add up just like everything else. I need my pennies for lavender soap, dish detergent, cough drops, deodorant and veggie burgers, thank you very much.

They have thousands of customers each day. That’s a lot of pennies steadily adding up that supposedly aren’t creating a profit for Chipotle.

Pork hiders and penny keepers.

What will be their next secret?

I’m annoyed. Very.