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In the Land of Peculiar Internet Searches

28 May



I did a 30-day pull of the exact searches that led people to this blog and here we go again. My own musings appear in bold beside the corresponding search term.  (Hang on, this is a long and HILARIOUS one!)

cubicle hell

disgusting sandwich cartoon

annoying donut  (I feel sorry for that donut.)

a person who types very loud

annoying co worker on the phone

ed batka  (Um, WHO?)

co worker sighing constantly

mean lunch lady

red doxie puppies

she pop

girl with stank breath

waitress and and the crazy child

cat cubicles boss lolz

coworkers fondeling stories  (OH BOY.)

why does everyone pretend that the tv show “all the kids on the block” has never existed (WHAT in the WORLD?)

team player crap

miniature daschund puppies for sale in nc

halitosis in cubicles

this device will let co-worker know she’s too loud (Uh-oh.)

drug strength

vending machine in egypt

best part of my jobs swivel chair

corn lady

hygiene lunch lady

is it illegal to fart in an elevator (LOL!)

coworker chews ice all day

cult like workplace drink the kool aid

Here’s the one that takes the cake:

“please, i need this job” legs.


I may never get rid of this blog just for the sheer joy/comedy of the search terms alone. I must say, however, it makes me feel better knowing that I’m not the only one who is so (easily) annoyed by coworkers’ habits and nuances. Hee hee.