Mama Knows: Return to The Cubicle

26 Nov

I know.

No, really, I know.

Most of you just enjoyed a four-day weekend, if not longer, and now you’re back in Hell Hole #16 moving papers from one desk to another.

Perhaps on top of this reality you ate too much on Thanksgiving, including leftovers, and so now you’re not only sitting at your desk with those awful fluorescent lights buzzing over your scalp but you’re feeling all water-retention-ny. You don’t even want your pants to touch your waist.

Oh, I get it. I do.

There’s that coworker that you often avoid because of their propensity to grate your nerves. To make matters worse, they put their leftover gravy stained Tupperware right beside your lettuce sandwich in the tiny company refrigerator. Right next to it. Now you have the gravy juices of a person you don’t quite like smeared on your lunch bag.

Try not to think about it.

I realize you’d rather be at a higher paying job, a career, really. But you’re there. And it’s Monday. And the next holiday isn’t until Christmas day. Yikes, because it’s towards the end of the year you’ve run out of personal days and your sick day levels are dangerously low.  You feel like gnashing your teeth in vocational frustration.


Instead just keep calm and carry on.

Mondays are never the end of your world.


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