Waitress + Red Lipstick = Big Tips

18 Oct

Even though I’ve touched on the table waiting profession before here on the blog, this red blurb caught my attention.

Earlier this year a study found that waitresses who wore red lipstick got bigger tips.  In the experiment, researchers had seven waitresses wear red, pink, brown or no lipstick while serving 447 customers in three restaurants.

The male patrons doled out tips to waitresses wearing red lipstick much more frequently than to other waitresses.  Not only that but when they tipped they gave more.

It’s called the Red Effect.

The study also found that a waitress’s lipstick or lack thereof made no difference in how female patrons tipped.


Thought bubble: In this hideous job search I’ve been having, perhaps I should be wearing red lipstick. Even though prior to this study I thought it would be viewed as inappropriate, stank, even. Now I’m not so sure. If I know a man will be interviewing me, I think I’ll keep a tube of ole red in the purse.

Ain’t nothing like a good strategy.


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