The Top 10 Reasons You Should Love Mondays

24 Sep

1.  If it weren’t for Mondays there would be no reason for you to stop gorging on random snacks such as sticky buns and cheesy puffs. And that dip with the spinach garlicky stuff in it. Whatever it was. 

2.  Because it’s Monday offices that were closed are now open. I mean, you can finally reach your doctor to ask him about that “problem” you’ve been having. You know, the one with the… “mole.”

3.  Kids go back to school. What’s the big deal? Well, skateboards in subdivisions can be quite loud.




4.  Your favorite TV show comes on. You know, the one where the guy’s a doctor and he’s secretly in love with the intern and their eyes met last week at the close of the show and teasers for this week made it look like they would hook up. Yeah, that show. 

5.  The banks open up after being closed on Sunday. (I wish all banks were open on Sunday.)

6.  Your favorite coffee place opens earlier on Mondays than it does on the weekends.  I mean, it sucks to drive up to the coffee place only to find that its still closed and won’t open for a whole hour. So there you are in your frumpy bedroom gear with your messy hair sitting in your car alone in a parking lot feeling odd and frumpy.

7.  You get to see your coworkers again. YIPEE!! Yep, even Weird Bob who’s tuna sandwich should never be allowed to enter the company refrigerator because it doesn’t even smell like tuna.

8.  It’s one day closer to your next paycheck.

9.  It’s one day closer to your next higher paying position.

10.  It’s one day closer to your next three-day weekend.

Ok, that list was hard to come up with. I generally have detested Mondays, too. But here’s to your Monday and all Mondays. We will survive. Yes, we will.


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