20 Sep

I was going to post today about the “popcorn lung” lawsuit, how the guy who sued actually won around $7 million, about the offending chemical diacetyl, all that.  Two bags a day, all that. …I was going to post about it because I had written about it years ago in my book…Yeah, the book on the right side of this post.  (Cough).

But for some reason I decided not to.


Instead I want to share with you this.

Which is far more fascinating AND IN REAL TIME. 

No matter how many times I view this, I cannot decide which counter is more fascinating–deaths? No, births. No, “days til the end of gas”? Hmm.

Check it out. Even though I haven’t figured out how it is they can count some of this stuff, no less in real time, I find it mesmerizing.

I think you will, too.



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