Rose Rocks!

7 Sep


I’m clutching my pearls.

Ok, well, I’m pulling out my grandmother’s pearls so that I may clutch them.

Have you heard about Rose? You know, Rose Syracuse Richardone?


Well, this is Rose:

She’s 92 years old.

This week she retired from New York City’s flagship Macy’s Department store after 73 years of service. 

I KNOW, RIGHT? Your pearls, too, are being clutched.

Rose began working for Macy’s in 1939, as an authorizer in the Deposit of Accounts department.  She was 17-years-old and fresh out of high school. It was her very first job.

CAN YOU IMAGINE? 73 years at one job? Through all of the changing coworkers, fashions, bosses, construction, personal stuff.

I’ve had, like, a kazillion jobs and I’m only 25  28…um, “near” late 30’s.
I always admire people who can take a job and stick with it and do a great job while at it. Just look at Rose. She looks so fresh and happy. Why, she doesn’t even look like she’d get online and badmouth Macy’s or their testy customers with anonymous discussion board monikers like “MacysSux” or “ShoveItCustomerService” or “RoseysMiddleFinger@Ya.”

Rose states about her time there:

“In 1939, Macy’s was a one-stop store…You could get meat, straight pins, really anything…We had an apothecary, liquor store, and even a butcher shop. We have obviously evolved since then.”

A sheer highlight of her tenure there was in 1947 when she and other employees watched as “Miracle on 34th Street” was filmed inside the store.

Whoopsies. I think I’ve broken my line of pearls from all of the clutching.

Aw, just go here and read the entire story yourself.

I need tissues. Rose is too cute.


2 Responses to “Rose Rocks!”

  1. Kane September 7, 2012 at 4:55 pm #

    Wow, they don’t make employees – or employers – like that anymore. I feel like 2 years is long to stay at a job now! Thanks for sharing. That was heart-warming.

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