Six Careers For People Who Don’t Like People?

31 Aug

Ahem. I like people. I really do. (At least that’s what I tell myself to believe particularly when I find humans beyond annoying and clueless and vexing.)

I mean, it’s crazy to just make a blanket statement that one simply doesn’t like people at all. Too general. There are far too many good and enjoyable people in the world. And even uber annoying folks deserve to be liked. By someone.

Well, this article from Yahoo! Education caught my eye a while back:

“Six Careers For People Who Don’t Like People.” 

Apparently the careers listed below are for introverts or people who like to stare at the walls and get lost in their own thoughts without a bunch of interruptions. That would be yours truly.

Here’s the list:

1.  Accountant

2.  Technical Writer

3.  Graphic Designer

4.  Software Developer

5.  Medical Laboratory Technician

6.  Information Security Analyst

These job titles always sound like Yiddish to me. Except Accountant and Graphic Designer. I mean, what exactly is a Technical Writer? Every time I think I get what a Technical Writer does I get lost in the sauce. The article’s description of this job:

As a technical writer you might write instruction or operating manuals, says the U.S. Department of Labor. That could mean spending your days gathering and organizing technical information, and figuring out how to explain complicated products or processes so customers can understand them better. 

See? Sounds like Yiddish.

A Software Developer, according to the Department of Labor, might spend their days designing applications or even testing  software to make sure it works correctly.

Yawn City.

A Medical Laboratory Technician’s job description reads like this:

One of the things you might do as a medical lab technician working under the supervision of a medical laboratory technologist or laboratory manager is collect samples of body fluids, tissue, or other substances from patients – and then perform tests on them. 

Um, no thank you. Any mention of body fluids, tissue and other “substances from patients” is just gross. Though I’m glad someone is willing to do this. I was just telling a friend today that I’m glad there are people who are willing to be doctors, veterinarians, etc., because if everyone were grossed out and squeamish about these things, we’d never receive medical service.

Finally, an Information Security Analyst can use firewalls and data encryption programs to protect their company’s computer systems from cyber attacks. You may also spend a lot of time keeping up-to-date on the latest cyber attacks and new security technology.

Sounds important but pressure filled.  Just the thought of keeping every single hacker weirdo out of an organization’s entire operating system would keep me awake at night blinking eyelashes across my pillowcase.

Slight side note: Since I’m in job hunting mode I skim jobs daily and even though I’m super desperate  anxious to get adequately employed pronto there are jobs that even though I’m “qualified” for them I don’t think I’d be a good match. Like Receptionist. I always picture this perky, well put together mannequin that has to deal with every single person who enters the building/lobby and I just sigh and skip over applying for such a position.

I mean, I bite my fingernails and spit them across rooms. I daydream hourly, complete with hardcore gazing. I also like privacy when I’m perusing the internet on company time.  How in the world could I be a Receptionist, the Director of First Impressions?

Sure, I’m a flower in bloom but I’m a flower that prefers to lay low beneath trees with just a bit of sunlight.

Maybe I’ll rethink Technical Writer after all. I’ll learn Yiddish.  Yeah, that’s it.



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