10 Reasons to Rethink Your Cubicle Life

23 Aug

1.  This was you at your high school or college graduation:

No, not the slightly amused guy; either the napping one or the yawning one. This could mean you are right-brain or an innovator in the making.

2.  You watch the clock every single day. When it nears 5:00 p.m. you are the one packing up your desk and pressing your finger against the button that turns OFF your computer.

3.  Gabardine makes you itch. Really itch. 

4.  Your coworkers remind you of a herd of cows.

5.  You don’t “see yourself there in five years.” Nope, you see yourself anywhere but there in five years. 

6.  You remove your “work shoes” and slip on comfy shoes before pulling out of the company parking lot. 

7.  You have nightmares about office products. They appear to you in huge balls. Like this one:


8.  Whenever there’s a three-day weekend upon you, you salivate while marking the very days off on your wall calendar. Right there where everyone in your office, including your boss, can see. You use black Sharpies.

9.  You’re a hopeless dreamer. Your dreams are so big they astound everyone but you.

10. Your desk usually looks like this:


This has been yet another public service announcement from the Cubicle Rebel. 


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