What NOT To Wear…

15 Aug

…to an interview, that is.

Not that you don’t know this stuff but in a work-related blog you come across these subjects.

It is my duty to share this with you.

It’s amazing how many people still wear–ahem–questionable attire to an interview.

I once went to an interview with a temp service and a girl came in in the dead of winter with one of those cut-off shirts exposing her navel with a dangling belly button ring. 

The horror.

I couldn’t stop staring.

To make matters worse (as if it could get any worse) she was wearing chunky Steve Madden shoes and super tight polyester pants.

I couldn’t stop staring. It was like watching a car accident.

To make matters worse she was popping gum.

Earlier this year I went to another temp service interview in a big-player suburb of Washington, D.C., Tysons Corner, and I saw a girl with multi-colored braids in her hair with matching eye shadow and matching fingernails. I think her purse was the same color.

I felt pain in my eyeballs.

I could not believe the temp employees didn’t just tell girlfriend that she looked a mess and to please leave immediately “because there’s no way we can place you in an OFFICE ENVIRONMENT.”

What are people thinking?

Times sure have changed since I first entered the workforce many several years ago.  I mean, there was no such thing as tattoos. Plural. Or pink hair in the office environment. Or mohawks on anyone other than punk rocker kids who worked at the record store anyway. There were no nose rings and strikingly long fingernails with designs on them.

Why, we were modest and clean-cut and respectful of others’ retinas.

Sure, we looked like a business attire cult of some sort, but the point is we were modest. Most of us anyway.

Hey, I’m all about fabric freedom but if you’re gonna play the game, play it right. You should see me when I go in for interviews…They have no idea I loathe CubicleVille, that I write scathing reviews of it, that I’d rather be somewhere else wearing mix-matched clothing and staring into space. It’s OK to assimilate a tiny bit. Just a tiny bit.

Hope your job search is going smoother than mine. Nix those questionable outfits and get a regular paycheck. Make pretending–ahem–fun.


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