Ideas That Made Millions

13 Aug
I keep seeing that big smile everywhere. She’s so incredibly bubbly. I’m talking about Sara Blakely, the creator of Spanx. And every time I see her, her story revs up all kinds of creative and auspicious juices within me.
I have notebooks filled with ideas.
I’m an idea machine.
If When I can get people to pay for my ideas alone, I’ll be done with cubicle life forever. 
I’m a Jill of All Trades, Master of None…yet. 
Perhaps you’ve got business ideas and dreams inside of you.
Perhaps you actually love your cubicle stance, all 30+ years of it.
Perhaps you need some information to get your mind percolating.
Well, here are some inspirational stories to get us creative people back on track to filling notebooks and discovering new pathways to success and wealth:


One night, Sara Blakely cut off the bottom off her pantyhose, and the idea for Spanx was born. Blakely researched and wrote a patent for footless pantyhose, then drove around North Carolina visiting textile mills in search of one that would turn her design into a product. Most told her it would never sell, but one mill owner decided to take a chance and help turn her “crazy idea” into reality.

Within three months, Blakely sold more than 50,000 items from her apartment. She also started pitching her product to high-end department store buyers. Now that “crazy idea” has Blakely soaring. Spanx has grown to include a full range of body-slimming undergarments, bathing suits and activewear.  

She’s a total rockstar.
Think junk is just junk?
Inspiration struck Brian Scudamore as he was waiting in line at a McDonald’s drive-through and the pickup truck of a local hauling company caught his eye. Scudamore went out and bought his own pickup for $700 and started the Rubbish Boys. He began by picking up junk between classes at the University of British Columbia, but what started as a way to pay for college soon turned into something bigger.

In 1993, he dropped out of school to focus on the company. In 1998, he changed the name to 1-800-GOT-JUNK? A year later, the first franchise opened in Canada. Now there are locations all over North America and Australia.

Pillow Pets


The idea for Pillow Pets dawned on Jennifer Telfer as she watched her young sons smash down their stuffed animals in order to sleep on them. So she set about creating stuffed animals that unfolded into plush pillows.
Telfer and her husband decided to wholesale the products themselves through their company, CJ Products. She began by hawking them at a mall kiosk during the holiday season, and then at a home show two weeks after Christmas.

When the products nearly sold out, Telfer realized she was onto something. The cuddly toy has since exploded into the marketplace, bringing in $300 million in sales in 2010. 


To read the full report, including other popular business stories, click here.

Now go get ’em!

I expect to read good things about your success in five years. Or less.



One Response to “Ideas That Made Millions”

  1. Kane August 13, 2012 at 2:09 pm #

    Inspirational, indeed! Thanks for sharing. Gotta turn my 10000 ideas into reality, too! Or, at least, the best one.

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