In the Land of Peculiar Internet Searches (Yet Again)

30 Jul

Gosh, can you imagine working at Google’s search terms department and actually reading the GAZILLIONS of search terms people use?

On this blog alone I have experienced total, colossal humor. I mean, I have nearly left my chair laughing, HOWLING at the searches people have used that landed them here @ TheCubicleRebel blog.

I can’t help but wonder who some of these people are and especially what was going on in their day or life the moment they entered a given search term. Furthermore, while some searches leave no mystery I still wonder how some landed them at THIS blog. Read on…(My own musings appear in italics.)

creepy mcdonalds

starbucks cult

public toilet cubicle

dachshund puppies for sale in nashville tennessee (Okkkkk. I don’t think the word Nashville is even in this blog.)

How to avoid annoying coworkers

why cant i hear any fireworks

notes to write down call for bos (Sure hope this person isn’t taking notes for their “bos.”)

germ died


beste barbecue sauce

egg sandwich cartoon

germs on door handles

kfc disgust

kfc crumbs (I’m wondering how one could tell that crumbs are specific to, um, KFC.)

i have server job (Okkkk.)

harga kursi executive staff (Whaaaaaaaaaat?)

using hands job interview

dachshund miniatura sp 2012

noise etiquette in the workplace

called whacky and clueless by coworkers (LOL!)

it’s a short work week

immagini mc donalds

boy and girl beating (Um, not sure what to make of this one.)

gilmore girls caps my pet (Or this one.)

does dr phil have private sessions with individuals (I wonder the same thing!)

muscle chicken (Yikes!)

sherri shepherd teeth (Yikes again!)

annoys me when women refer to female staff as “girls”

teckel dog

my heel hurt when i put it on the floor (Sounds like plantar fasciitis. Been there, STILL there. Ouch!)

pie chart of caffeine’s effects on sportsmen

cubicle roofs (Oh my…There are “roofs” on cubicles now? Boy, I HAVE been away a long time.)

gum poppers in the workplace

my coworker needs too much help

fast food disgusting

coworker who chews ice too loud in the office

website to rant about annoying coworker trying to pull you down

why do i gum smackers/poppers drive me insane (I’ve actually wondered the same thing regarding my COMPLETE annoyance of gum popping.)

my coworker types too loud (Been there, done that. I still remember the job AND the hard typing guy’s name and this was double-digit years ago.)

addressing gum poppers

fonger clicking sounds at workplace

annoying cowirker popping gum

cartoon cheese rolls

annoying coworker bubble gum

china auto (Um, HUH?)

annoying gum chewers

white dogs (What the…?)

gum in cubicle

what to do with leftover muffins (LOL! LOL! LOL! WHO Googles this?)

“co worker typing too loud”

ugly people eating mcdonalds (Should I alert the police?)

colleague chewing gum popping bubbles anoying

unprofessional chocolate chip cookie (Oh gosh, I can’t even SPEAK, this is so funny.)

office hell cubicle

big boy burger logo

tongue scraper before and after

why are cubicles gray

Once again, the gum poppers and loud typers are really grating the nerves of fellow coworkers. I wonder how we can get the word out to these clueless instigators.  I’ll work on that…as a procrastinator.

‘Til next time.


2 Responses to “In the Land of Peculiar Internet Searches (Yet Again)”

  1. Kane July 30, 2012 at 5:40 pm #

    Always good for a laugh. My favorite was “pie chart of caffeine’s effects on sportsmen”. Google’s algorithm is finely honed but thankfully evidently has room for improvement!

    • the cubicle rebel July 31, 2012 at 11:41 am #

      People & their search terms tickle me beyond sufficient words.

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