Cubicle & Couch Potatoes

23 Jul

How many hours per day would you say you sit in your cubicle/at your desk in a swivel chair at your Establishment?

7 hours?

8 hours?

9 hours?

Well, earlier this month a report came out that we’re sitting ourselves to death. Take a look from Good Morning America:/ABC News:

Scientists are just beginning to investigate how sitting affects health, and early evidence has linked an excess of sitting time to all kinds of chronic maladies, particularly heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Now, a new analysis published in the British Medical Journal suggests that the life expectancy of the entire U.S. population could increase if Americans simply reduce the time they reduce channel-surfing on the sofa. (Cubicle Rebel note: Or sitting at a work station.)

Researchers looked at the results of five studies that explored the effects on nearly 167,000 people of sitting and watching television. Then they turned to national data collected by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on how much time Americans report sitting and watching TV.

Based on all this data, the researchers calculated that limiting the time Americans spend sitting to three hours or fewer each day would increase the life expectancy of the U.S. population by 2 years. Cutting down TV watching to fewer than two hours each day would bump life expectancy up by another 1.4 years.


I wonder how many hours combined I’ve sat at various desks and then went home and watched television or sat at my home computer for several more hours.

Solutions suggested for getting up and moving those legs and body parts is to make a point to get up once an hour, even, and walk around the office, up the hallway or to simply visit a coworker’s desk instead of sending every single e-mail.

Or you could just make a note to yourself to do leg lifts every so often to get the blood circulating.

Don’t let your job kill you.

Just another public service announcement from the Cubicle Rebel.

Easy going out there.



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