Workplace Privacy

9 Jul

Ahem, do you ever wonder if your boss or your boss’s boss or The H.R. Lady knows about your, um, utmost private conversations that you’ve snuck in while at work on their telephone?

Like the time you called your special doctor to make an appointment about your special problem?

Or the time you were fighting with your significant other and whispered as loud as you could–you were so angry at him/her that you were shaking when you got off of the telephone. Then you looked around your cubicle wondering if someone, anyone had heard you.

Increasingly employers are monitoring employees’ usage of their (the employer’s) own equipment: telephones, e-mail, etc.

Regarding e-mail, employers can use computer software that enables them to see what is on the screen or stored in the employees’ computer terminals and hard disks. They can also monitor internet usage such as web-surfing and e-mail.

This makes me nervous.

What about social networking? Can a person be fired for questionable stuff they posted on their personal social networking pages? A new report predicts that by 2015, 60 percent of corporations are expected to put formal programs in place for “monitoring external social media for security breaches.”

This makes me not so nervous, as I’m SO not a social network head. I’m old school, meaning I don’t personally participate in social networking stuff. I believe personal pictures of me in two-piece bathing suits should remain in photo albums and that my hourly whereabouts (status) are not the general public’s (or friends’) business. I mean, I grew up using phone booths that cost a dime to make local calls from. I can live without much of social media.

Well, if you’re concerned about your company telephone whisperings, check out this site and know not only your rights but The Man’s rights. After all, you’re in his cubicle.

Whisper legally out there.


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