Unemployment Doldrums

18 Jun
Photo credit: USDailyReview
When I’m broke, as in financially, I notice things about myself (and often others) that are rather disturbing.
1. Stay-at-home moms annoy me. Sure they do. With their tank sized SUV’s and soccer stickers and My kid is an honor roll student at Fill-in-the-Blank Middle School bumper stickers. With their casual slow turns at intersections at 1:45 p.m. in the afternoons. With their husband’s job paying for their food, maxi pads, Cheeze-Its, electricity, DVR access, water, lip gloss, gargantuan SUV.
(Disclaimer: Before you get your britches in a bunch, I do realize how hard some stay-at-home moms work; I realize it’s considered a full-time job, etc. I didn’t say it was all cake and gravy but the above growl pertains how it pertains. And, ahem, I did say it was “disturbing” to me how I view some things while financially broke. So there!)
2. People with jobs who complain about the taxes they have to pay on $5,000 Christmas bonuses.
3. People at the bank who glare down at you in the drive-thru window as you hand them rolled coins and they have the audacity to ask you if you’re depositing the aforementioned coins. Meanwhile your muffler is so loud, your engine is shrieking obscenities so outlandish that they can barely hear your response.
4. The reel that plays over and over in my head. What if I get sick? I don’t have health insurance. Working for $8-10 an hour before taxes cannot be the death of me. After all, people in [insert poor ravaged country] work for much less.  How can I pull out my own “wisdom” tooth? ANOTHER tire is flat on my car? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!
5. I wonder if the dollar store is having a sale.
6. What’s it like to have $5 million? Or one million? Or–or–or $1,000?
7. People who buy lobster salad with nary a care of how much it costs per ounce really annoy me in the deli line where I get my cheese slices for my cheese sandwiches. I mean, they don’t even look at the price. And it’s like $12 per ounce.
8. All of the celebrities with their multimillion-dollar paydays to finish a scene that took sixteen cuts to get it right really annoy me. I’m not jealous; I’m severely annoyed.
Low pay and/or unemployment sucks. Big-time.
When I crawl get out of this mess I will do everything in my power to never revisit it.
Still gnashing teeth in D.C.

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