Minimum Wage Is Indeed Minimum

7 Jun
The minimum wage for the area of the country I live in (Washington, D.C. metro area) is $7.25 an hour. Yet Georgia & Wyoming are–sit down now–$5.15 an hour!
That’s, like, barely enough to buy crap at the dollar store.
That’s not, like, enough to pay your
CAR STUFF (gas, insurance, repairs & maintenance)
FOOD (unless you like eating dollar store crap)
CABLE (I know it’s a luxury; but it can be a necessity if it provides escapism).
Whenever I peruse the housing ads posted locally in this high rent area (even ugly basement rooms for rent right next to someone’s noisy, leaky, energy inefficient water heater), I can’t help but wonder how people making anywhere near minimum wage are making ends meet. Do they live with parents, friends, have several roommates? How in the WORLD can anyone survive in a metropolis earning the likes of $7.25 an hour before taxes no less.
Well, the state of Washington has the highest national minimum wage pay at $9.04 an hour followed by Vermont at $8.46 an hour.
To see the NATIONAL (all 50 states) minimum wage amounts, click here.
Actually Wiki has it broken down more clearly.
This is the precise reason I juggle, as in discover as many avenues possible to earn a living, not only now but for the future. Side hustles. Pop-up businesses, however mini. Multiple streams of income. I would never rely on mere jobs to float me anymore. I’ve been sidelined too many times by low pay, sudden job loss, burnout and looooooong job searches.
For those making peanuts and raisins, KEEP PUSHING…Macadamias are just around the corner.

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