Odd College Degrees

24 May

I once read or heard that someone actually did a thesis paper to earn their doctoral degree on–are you ready for this?–GLITTER.

Its origins and its life on earth, how it never truly goes away once made. Gosh, ever get a piece of glitter stuck to your eyelid to the point of poking your eye out trying to rid yourself of it? Me no likey glitter personally.

Well, there are some peculiar college degrees out there, too.

There’s a degree in puppetry. I know, right?

(Though for Jim Henson, the creator of The Muppets–I’ve always adored Kermit; I even have a small stuffed Kermit from 6th grade that has traveled well with me through hells and high waters–this career proved insanely successful.)

There’s even a degree in packaging.  After all, someone had to decide that potato chips should come in a bag and not a box and that the very bags they come in should be loud in a crinkly way. Don’t even get me started on the Sun Chips issue with those super noisy bags. There’s even a series of YouTube videos on the very “noise pollution” of Sun Chips bags. Take a look via the link. What I want to know is why doesn’t someone with a degree in packaging figure out a way to give us more than scanty chip volume, to get rid of those half filled bags of AIR. Now that would be impressive.

Photo & below from ConsumerReports.org:

A Frito-Lay customer rep confirmed that chip bags are half-filled. But why? Delicate items pose several challenges. Chips can be broken by rollers on the packing line or pressure from machinery that seals the bags. Extra air limits pressure on chips when bags are stacked. Even altitude matters. If a bag lacks the “headspace” to accommodate pressure changes when a truck passes through high-altitude regions, for example, the seal could break.

Hmm. Sounds like trillion-dollar lingo to me to sell the least chips for the most price.  I’M TIRED OF RUNNING OUTTA CHIPS WHEN I HAVE TOO MUCH SANDWICH LEFT!!  I always find myself balancing how many chips I have left vs. how many bites of sandwich I have left.

Chips left. Sandwich. Chips left. Sandwich.


Back to the program…

There’s also a degree in decision making. Sure, its offered at Indiana University’s School of Business.

There’s a degree in wine making. Now that one I get. Not so weird considering the wine industry is a big kahuna.

There’s a degree in turfmaking called turfgrass specialization where students learn to manage the greens on golf courses.


There’s even a degree in Aromatherapy.

But the oddest degree, based on the fact that only ONE person in the world has ever earned it, is in ENIGMATOLOGY, the creation and solution of puzzles. It was earned in 1974 by Will Shortz at Indiana University as a graduate degree.

We live in a colorful world. It never ceases to make my jaw drop a bit. Or a lot. I wonder if there’s a degree in jaw dropping.


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