Monday Blues?

21 May

Hey, did you know there’s a term called Sunday Syndrome? Yep. It pertains to workers who dread returning to work come Sunday evenings. They get anxiety, get depressed, start thinking miserable thoughts regarding their workplace/coworkers/all that.

Do you sometimes get Sunday Syndrome or the Monday Blues? Do you look forward to Monday mornings like you look forward to getting a root canal? Well, you’re in good company, not that you’d want that kind of company.

As an umemployed, right-brain approaching middle ager, I want to say to you: It really could be worse. Assuming you don’t work in hell or its outskirts. Even that coworker who makes you cringe at the very sight of him/her. Even if its your boss. It could be worse. I mean, you could work here:

Mike Rowe of Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs working as a paint recycler, of all things.

Or here:

Here he’s at the Ebonex Corporation in Melvindale, Michigan where he crushes cow bones into powder to be used in paints, plastics, wood-grain stains, artificial leather and vinyl, among other things.

I usually hate for people to say to me “It could be worse.”  That very statement makes me cringe itself but sometimes it proves effective.

While in job search mode I’ve had mixed feelings about where I’d like to work or even if I’d like to work anywhere (should I just keep writing, painting, hounding complete strangers to purchase my wares). But there are days when I really, really, really grow tired of trying to get steady. On those days I slightly salivate over being back in an office job with a salary and health benefits and some structure and frivolous money to buy hummus and pita chips for lunch. Or a Greek salad. Followed by a candy bar in the late afternoon from the vending machine. 

So from this position I now stand in–unemployed and thrashing to get back inside–I say to all of you who have jobs that you don’t particularly loathe:

It could be  worse.

Hope your Monday is wonderful. Literally, filled with wonder. Wonder is not reserved for weekends, you know.


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