Rules 4 the Weekend

12 May

1.  Don’t think about work.

It’s your time off and you’ve already spent no less than 40 hours there this past week anyway. When you allow yourself to dwell on your workplace during the weekend you’re cheating yourself. Now are you really ok with that?

2.  Pretend you’re someone else.

Insert your job title here [Administrative Assistant, Paper Filer, Receptionist, Random Office Professional].

Then insert a new (true) name for yourself during the weekend.  [Baker, Artist, Superhero, Person Who Doesn’t Think About Work on Weekends]. BE that true person at least for 48 hours. If you bake, bake something and put it on a pretty plate as a centerpiece in your kitchen, even if no one sees or samples it. And when you run errands this weekend strike up conversations with total strangers and mention that you’re a baker. If/when someone asks you “What do you do?” say “Oh, I’m a baker.” And mean it. Sprinkle some flour on your shirt for good measure. Rock on with your bad self.

3.  Spend time staring at something in nature this weekend. Just for 15 minutes minimum. A tree. Grass. A patch of flowers. A creek. The wonder of a strawberry or the pure artwork inside of a kiwi.  Pretend cubicles don’t exist and there is no such thing as an Excel chart.

4.  Plot your next move. Unless you’re content in CubicleVille and actually see yourself there 20 years from now (not that there’s anything wrong with that if that floats your boat) make a vision board of where you’d like to be, what you’d like to do and how you plan to get there. DO it NOW. Make it fun.

5.  Don’t think about work. After all, you’ll be right back there in a matter of hours.



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