Everyday (Toxic) Products: Headed 2 Work Version

9 May

You rise. You shine. You head to the bathroom and give yourself daily doses of cancer.



Well, read on…

How many products do you use to head out to work each morning? Or any morning, for that matter?

Nearly all personal care products contain carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, plasticizers, degreasers, pesticides and surfactants. The scary thing is that some of these ingredients are known to cause disease in our bodies and the other ingredients—well, the FDA isn’t quite sure …yet…of the effects they have on us. Simply put, there have been few longterm studies on most of the ingredients used in the products we use each and every day. 

Right here and now I’m just referring to toiletrees; I’d have to write a book on the onslaught of chemicals we’re confronted with and indulge in once we step outside of our bathrooms. Or front doors.

Toothpaste. Shampoo. Mouthwash. Deodorant. Random gels, creams, lotions, perfumes/colognes, make-up, nail polish, shaving creams and other grooming products.

Here’s a doozy for you:

Product regulators claim that in small doses these ingredients are completely safe. However, paraben is directly absorbed through the skin and binds to the body’s estrogen-receptors…Ahem…They can actually encourage breast cancer cell growth. (Parabens are often found in breast tumors.)

Not trying to scare you but rather awaken you.

Years ago I remember looking over my bathroom countertop and inside of the medicine cabinet, shocked to discover that I had well over 50 products that I used regularly. Chemicals. As I’ve grown older and more aware of my surroundings, of various truths, the toxic overload in my bathroom became alarming.

There are ingredients in our common every day products that mimic estrogen.

The last thing a (hormonal) woman in peri/menopause needs is estrogen mimicking, particularly a PMS-afflicted woman such as myself.

In fact, the last thing any woman needs is estrogen mimicking.

Nanotechnology is a major concern as well, the fear that nanoparticles–which are widely used in everything from toiletries to sports equipment–can penetrate human cells and transfer to even more cells, eventually leading to various diseases/illnesses.

So what can you do?

Try natural products whenever you can. Increasingly they are available at places like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods and local food co-ops, etc. Sure, they cost more  but your estrogen levels should be safe(r).

Happy grooming out there.

Another public service announcement from the Cubicle Rebel.


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