Crying at Work

16 Apr

Have you ever cried at work?

Not necessarily because your evil boss yelled at you or belittled you or because you discovered that you were only getting a 1% raise as opposed to a 1.5% salary increase. Not even because you received bad news via telephone.

I mean, um, perhaps because you’re hormonal. Or because of personal issues that you absolutely just couldn’t leave at home.

I have.


I have wept at a few  jobs because of various issues (low pay, frustration in my personal life, an unfair boss who had total power over my paycheck, boyfriends, family issues and those hormonal flair-ups.) I’ve even cried at work because I was just, well, angry.

While not a complete slobber girl in the workplace there have been times I have found my tear ducts turning on me. Why, I had to get to the nearest bathroom ASAP, hide in a stall–preferably the larger stall at the very end–and unroll A LOT of toilet paper while wimpering quietly. The amazing thing is when someone enters the bathroom how quickly I can shut off the weeping. Like the flip of a switch.

It’s a real beyotch trying to pretend you haven’t been crying when you return to your desk 45 minutes later with bloodshot eyes and a red nose.  The worst is when a coworker or, OH GOD, your boss notices.

“Allergies” is a good one. Except for when it’s the dead of winter.

Did you know that human tears send chemical signals to the people around them? Yep, it’s true.

If only there were a way to control crying, perhaps an alarm you could set within your emotions to cry only during your lunch hour, or better yet, when you get off from work. Nothing like navigating rush hour and facial tissues accompanied with snot.

Ah, a woman’s life.



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