Message Taker

11 Apr

This looks like an innocent little square pink paper that’s designed specifically for taking notes in an office/professional environment. 

The gist is to answer the telephone, write down the  most vital information from the caller and present or leave the note in the appropriate place for the person the call was intended for. Usually your boss or superior(s).

Oh, but this little pink square paper can lead to evil.

I’ve been in several office situations where if I didn’t write down verbatim what the caller said (especially a Big Shot Dirty Man power wielding a-hole type) and the specific time they called or if the pink square got buried in someone’s in-box…all hell could break loose.

The absolute worst is when you get a caller who has a long rambling message with “government” details who expects you to–as they’re rambling–translate the yakking into a coherent note to the intended.

So now you’re writing on the back of the little pink square and 62 seconds in you’ve run out of space and what you wrote front and back on the pinkness is incoherent to YOURSELF even though YOU wrote it. And see, the person on the other end of the telephone, they’re still rambling and now they want you to repeat BACK to them what they’ve said in the last 88 seconds.

Thank God for voicemail.



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