Top 10 Rush Hour Thoughts

29 Mar

1.  I wonder what I’ll eat when I get home…I think there’s a corner of pie left. Just a corner.

2.  EEEEK! There may not be any pie left. (Did I eat a piece for breakfast?)

3. Or last night…Did I eat the rest of it last night after watching that terribly sorrowful movie?

4. WHY OH WHY are these dang-it SUV’s so incredibly LARGE?! Move it, tiny body parts!

5.  Did I turn off my computer? I can’t remember if I shut off my computer.

6.  I hope I didn’t leave my resume on the copy machine.

7. Are those my brakes squealing? (I think those are my brakes squealing.)

8.  God. How many more years of this? Commuting sucks beyond words.

9.  I wonder how much my salary increase will be this year. (Last year was only enough to buy a toaster oven…on sale.)

10.  I wonder if I ate that last slice of pie.


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