Bunches of Why?

13 Mar
I just don’t get the hype with this breakfast cereal. Totally do not get the hype.
While visiting friends lately and watching a ton of television I noticed that the number of Honey Bunches of Oats (HBOO) cereal commercials that came on were ridiculous. I mean like every.single.commercial.break.
Of course there’s the government coaxed Rx drug commercials as well, the redundant infomercials, yes. But this HBOO rotation is a straight mystery.
I’ve had the cereal probably twice (over at someone’s house; never purchased them myself) and they got soggy quickly, there was a lot of debris all crumbled in the box and just OY.
How in the world are they so popular?
Apparently there are masses of people out there pouring and enjoying, pouring and enjoying.  But personally I just don’t get this cereal’s hype.
I’m annoyed. Very annoyed.
This stuff should be called Honey Bunches of Debris.
Just another registered grievance by yours truly.

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