Sneakers in the Cubicle

28 Feb

Dress code policy.

Professional attire.

Business casual.

Casual Fridays.

Blah, blah, blah.

All of this is rhetoric. Rhetoric, I say!

Today I’m referring to what adorns our feet. Our walkers. Our stroll enablers. Our toes. Our heels. Our dawgs. I’ll rant about clothing another day but today it is the workplace rules of our feet that concerns me.

Tell me, why is it considered unprofessional to wear clean, neat, newish looking tennis shoes slash sneakers while perched in a cubicle typing, filing, fiddling with Excel charts, answering telephones, walking up and down hallways??

Why, I ask?

You mean to tell me that THESE

are more comfortable/sensible/practical/kinder than–than these:

Ok, ok. Those are a big much but…than these?!:

I mean, c’mon, at least the lattermost match my corporate slacks or suit or pencil skirt.

If we hadn’t been brainwashed  led to think that sneakers with skirts are professionally atrocious then maybe our dawgs wouldn’t hurt at the end of such days.

God knows I’ve put in my time in heels. I don’t want to be 80 with feet like tree branches, corn callouses the size of mountains or bunions that resemble whole onions.

And don’t even get me started on this information. Perish the thought.

[Click to enlarge]

Once I had plantar fasciitis, a painful bottom-of-foot issue. I got so tired of wearing heels, even low heels to work, that I scoured through the employee manual (you should try it sometime, it may work in your favor) and somewhere tucked in there in a really tiny font size I discovered that if I brought in an official physician’s note that I could ROCK the tennis shoes five days/week to the slight horror of The Evil H.R. Lady whose eyes zoomed in on my big, clunky, comfy tennis shoes each time I bee-bopped up the hall.

I love upsetting authority figures.


Cubicle Rebel


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