Oy. Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

I see those people in the stores rushing to buy last-minute doo-dads for their loved ones or hopeful loved ones for Valentine’s Day. Chocolates and cards with words that someone else wrote. I see them. I see the messy shelves strewn with red heart shaped boxes that mostly men will present to their muse. I see the long lines at the flower shops while rose stems are being snipped and placed in cute wrapping paper. I feel the buzz. As an easily annoyed person this red holiday doesn’t exactly bode well with my innermost fibers. But momentarily I’ll put aside my envy own grumblings and pretend it doesn’t bother me.

Some facts on this Hallmark holiday:

Nearly 140-150 million cards are exchanged each year. (Whoa, that’s a lotta trees!)

Mother’s Day & V-Day are the two most flower gifted holidays.

Men spend twice as much as women on V-Day.

Teachers receive the most valentines, followed by kids, mothers, wives and sweethearts.

The number of people who will insert V-Day inspired chocolate into their mouth within the next 48 hours: many.

Millions of pet owners purchase V-Day gifts for their household pets.

Speaking of pets, when I was a kid my family attended the funeral of another relative at Arlington National Cemetery. While we left the car door open for a little while–most likely waiting for others to return to the car–a beautiful Daschund ran over and jumped right into the backseat as if she had known us for years. Long story short, we couldn’t find an owner so we took her back home and kept her through two puppy litters and until she died. We named her Tammy and chose February 14 as her birthday. We even let her lick the inside of ice cream boxes (after we had scooped most of it out and eaten it ourselves) each year in honor of her special birthday. She would lick and lick and lick as the opened near empty ice cream carton moved across the floor and right into a corner of the kitchen.

Ah, now that’s a good V-Day connection slash memory.


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