Big Money to Gab

3 Feb


Work 16 hours a week, get nearly a million dollars per year. This would include hair and make-up and all kinds of perks.

Sherri Shepherd of ABC’s daytime gab fest, The View makes around $55,000 per month, according to court filings regarding her divorce.

I need to go sit in a corner and gnash my teeth. I’ll be back in a few…

Ok. I’m back. I’m flustered. I’m fighting envy. I’m phlklempt. I’m reeling. I’m goose bumped over here.

I remember her from Everybody Loves Raymond and another office based sitcom I can’t recall the name of. In addition to the whopping $55k per month she has bit parts in movies and various television shows like being host of The Newlywed Game on the Game Show Network.  And she wrote a book or two. Actually I’m surprised I haven’t seen her in, like, a Tide detergent or Crest toothpaste commercial. Maybe she’s in negotiations.

And get this–she’s the lowest paid on The View. So the other gab queens make even more than that. Of course the creator/producer of the show, Barbara Walters, makes the most as she should. Whoopi supposedly makes about $2 million per year with Joy and Elisabeth falling in between Sherri & Whoopi’s salaries.

Shucks, the things I would do for $55k per month. Scale fish. Clean pig pens. Scrub toilets with toothbrushes while on my knees. Rake acres of leaves.

Heck, I would like to make $55k per year.

The thing I find fascinating about Sherri is that she started out as a legal SECRETARY. Gives me all kinds of hope and auspicious tinglings.

Follow your dreams, people.  You never know where they may lead you.


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