Cubicle Farm Blues

24 Jan

The term cubicle comes from the Latin cubiculum, for bed chamber.– Wiki

Looks like a science experiment, right?

I’ve spent a lot of time perched within these partitions…

…typing away, pretending I really wanted to be there…

…when all I wanted/needed was a paycheck.

Oh, I smiled at miscellaneous coworkers.

I ate a lot of crap from various vending machines.

I wondered what a college degree was really worth.

I mean, I had a lot of weird thoughts…

So I ventured out and became a full-time artist.

Yep. Me, an artist. I’m not even a “people person” 99% of the time.

But I wanted OUT of the cubicle farm, off the property. So I ran like crazy, leaving skid marks in the carpet with my too-tight heels. I stayed away for so long I had a huge ugly gap on my resume…

Now I’m groveling to return because my savings dried up.

Imagine that.

But tell the world I’ll be back. I.Will.Be.Back.


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