The Land of (Peculiar) Internet Searches

18 Jan

One thing I really love about having a blog is not only the opportunity to belch vexations as much as my heart or fingers desire but being privy to the search phrases that lands people at this blog.

Yesterday there was one that took the cake. TOOK. THE. CAKE.

crawl into the feates positon an whimp

Is that not HILARIOUS?

And there are layers to my thoughts on this search phrase. For instance, what was the person going through that they would search this and what made that phrase land at this blog? Hmm.

There are other phrases that are pretty obvious, this being an employment/office blog, so no surprises there. But weekly I am gifted with the sheer joy of comical search phrases.

Recent others:

annoying coworker who pops gum

firecracker in the mouth

why i hate starbucks

im calling the cops dog

stank breath pictures

kids crying christmas

“pretend to be a team player”

ugly girl in christmas sweater

ugly christmas sweater cake

family of sweater people

I once had another blog where I posted on the subject of b.e-a.r*d-s (embellishments around the letters are deliberate) and you would not believe the traffic it brought and the total weirdos. Freaked. Me. Out. I went from moderate traffic to rush hour in ten seconds flat. It was so disturbing that I had to delete the post altogether. And then wash my hands with extra soap. I felt rearranged. It was that disturbing. Made me look at guys with facial completely different for about two weeks months.

Carry on out there. We’re in this cubicle journey together.


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