Annoying Noises at Work

9 Jan

Are there sounds that you hear throughout your workday, particularly in CubicleVille, that drive you bonkers?

It could be anything. The sound of the copy machine moving paper through its suction/placement mysterious contraption mechanical thingies and landing them on a tray where you can then carry them to your boss.

The squealing noise of the fax machine as it transmits written information from your hell hole to another hell hole in Muncie, Indiana.

The click, clack, cluck sound of someone who types really loud.  You know, the guy with really big fingers who literally stabs at the keyboard as if he’s got a beef to settle with it. Yeah, that guy. And those fingers. Um-hmm, that clicking noise. 

I can’t stand that clicking noise. It drives me bonkers. One of the reasons it drives me insane is because I can’t very well go to The Man and say, “Um, excuse me, Sir…That guy over there is typing too loud…Yep, I know he’s doing his JOB but his typing is just too loud.”

What about mouth noises…
The constant throat clearer
The gum popper
The granola bar wrapper unwrapper-er
The mouth-wide-open popcorn cruncher
The chronic sniffer (BLOW YOUR NOSE ALREADY!!)
The heavy sigher who sighs heavily every four seconds as if he has to make the biggest, most complicated decision of his very life EVERY FEW SECONDS
The ink pen tapper
The fingers-on-desk-thumper…
The person (usually a guy) who walks around the office all day jingling coins in his pants pockets…
Is it uncouth to wear earplugs at work? Like, would it be unprofessional at all? Think it could go into my personnel file: “Annoyed by others. Wears earplugs in cubicle.”
I SO work well alone.

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