The Starbucks Cult

3 Jan

Are you a coffee drinker, a Starbucks head?

I’m so not, so it no less than amuses me to see the Starbuckers who absolutely have to have their “fix” every single day. Whenever I pass a shop and see the lines of folks snaking around the tiny stores and sometimes spilling onto the sidewalks I’m further amused. I keep thinking, “Dang, it’s COFFEE.” 

Obviously I don’t get it and probably never will.

I once drank coffee at a government job I worked at and even though I drank it early in the morning it had me blinking noisy eyelashes across my pillowcase late into the night while lying wide awake and cursing the brown elixir’s very existence. There are other painful coffee stories I could share but this one will have to suffice.

Some wowza facts about Starbucks from Business Insider:

Starbucks has added an average of two stores on a daily basis since 1987.

The average customer visits the store six times per month while a loyal 20% of customers visit 16 times per month.

There are over 87,000 possible drink combinations available at Starbucks. (My head hurts.)

A grande coffee has 320 mg of caffeine, over four times the amount of caffeine in a Red Bull alone. (I wonder if there’s a connection between this fact and the increasing road rage statistics. Just kidding…sort of.)

Starbucks uses 2.3 billion paper cups per year.

Sante Fe Springs, CA has the highest concentration of stores with 560 locations within 25 miles. (Oy.)

The 30 oz. Trenta, the largest size drink offered at Starbucks, is slightly bigger than your stomach.

I can’t take these Starbucks facts anymore. I’m getting jittery.

As much as people love Starbucks there are those who loathe it with their innermost fibers.  Why, there’s a I Hate Starbucks web site. 

Easy sipping out there…


3 Responses to “The Starbucks Cult”

  1. Jacqueline October 23, 2012 at 4:31 pm #

    Starbucks is the worst thing that can happen for small-chain coffee runners trying to earn a decent living. I despise this cult

    • the cubicle rebel October 29, 2012 at 5:46 pm #

      So funny whenever I hear someone reference it as a cult because to me it LOOKS cult-ish whenever I go into one to use their WiFi. Can you believe–I’ve never had a cup of coffee from there. Never!


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    […] (I actually wrote about this before.)  […]

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