New Year, Less Paperwork

1 Jan

So it’s 2012.

Dude, it’s 2012.

I mean, it’s no longer 1995. Or 2003. Or 19HatedThatEntireYear.

Well, Happy New Year.

That felt redundant. I mean, why don’t people come up with less ubiquitous greetings like SPLENDID 12 MONTHS TO YOU! or GET OUT THERE AND KICK BUTT THIS NEW YEAR!!

I’m so different.

So anyway, tomorrow is the Return to CubicleVille (unless you have a holiday tomorrow since today’s official holiday falls on Sunday.) But for those of you who have to return to your taupe colored fabric partition tomorrow just picture the next holiday you have this month–Martin Luther King Day. 

Hold on, another three-day weekend is upon us. In fact, it’s only two weeks from tomorrow (or today–Monday–or whenever, depending on when you’re reading this.)

I hope this year brings you vocational bliss. 


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