Peculiar Christmas Portraits Anyone?

16 Dec

As you sit in your car this weekend feeling as if it’s rush hour because of all the Christmas slash holiday traffic on this last full Saturday before the big day, try not to blow a gasket.

I’m here for you.

And now for your viewing pleasure or displeasure: SCARY CHRISTMAS slash HOLIDAY PHOTOS!!!

I wonder where these people are now.  More importantly I wonder where those hideous sweater/vest combos ended up. Probably in a muggy thrift store in Muncie. Gravy stains, the whole nine.

I think this family (?) spends far too much time together. They seem like they would make extremely annoying neighbors. Ones you pretend you’re not home whenever their car arrives in the driveway. Lights off and hiding in the basement and shushing the dog from barking, the whole nine.

That’s it. I’m calling the POLICE for her right now. I want lights, sirens, whistles, the whole nine.

I am so afraid right now. So incredibly afraid. My hands are shaking. Elbows trembling, the whole nine. (I sure hope this dog is alright.)


2 Responses to “Peculiar Christmas Portraits Anyone?”

  1. J (@RedHeadedWriter) December 19, 2011 at 2:38 pm #

    I love these photos. They make my day more amazing. And funny. …And so THANKFUL my parents stopped being able to wrestle us kids into posed photos after our toddler years…

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