Eyeballing Random Coworkers

7 Oct

Observation # 1:  *Eileen the Calorie Counter

Eileen is the coworker often present in most offices who eats yogurt for breakfast as if she’s spooning her last meal into her pie hole.

She scrapes the yogurt container with her plastic spoon ever so vigorously and noisily while eyeing the very bottom of the container.

Eileen is an infinite waist watcher. She’s peeved because she can’t fit into her “high school” jeans although she’s been out of high school for 26 years.

Exactly six minutes after she tosses her empty scraped yogurt container into the trashcan she’s eating her second (free) donut.

I’m so sick of hearing about Eileen’s jeans. 


*Ficitious name, but of course.


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