What’s That E-mail About?

12 Aug

From Forbes(magazine).com:

While employees may have been slow to get the message, corporations are catching on. More than 75% of employers monitor their workers’ Web site connections, according to a survey by the ePolicy Institute, a consulting group. About half of all companies store and review computer files, and 55% read e-mail messages. About 26% of firms have fired workers for misusing the Internet.

And this was in 2006.

Did you just zip an e-mail to Becky about what your OB-GYN said about your–ahem–private body parts? (Your boss probably read it; if he looks at you sideways maybe now you’ll know why.)

What about all of those resumes and cover letters you’ve sent out? (Human Resources may be looking to replace YOU before you replace your job.)

Careful out there in CubicleVille…


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